April 14, 2024
5 Selebriti Asal Tapanuli
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5 Selebriti Asal Tapanuli, a region in North Sumatra, Indonesia, is rich in culture and tradition. This region has also given birth to several celebrities who have achieved fame and success in various fields, especially in the entertainment and arts industries. Here are five famous celebrities from Tapanuli who have made a name for themselves, both on the national and international stage, with brilliant careers.

5 Selebriti Asal Tapanuli: Ariel NOAH

Nazril Irham, better known as Ariel, is the main vocalist of the popular Indonesian band, NOAH (formerly known as Peterpan). Born in Pangkalan Brandan, Langkat, North Sumatra, Ariel has become one of the most influential musicians in Indonesia. His musical career with NOAH catapulted his name to the top of the country’s music industry, with a number of big hits such as “Half Me,” “Maybe Later,” and “The Deepest.” Ariel and his band have received many awards and recognition, not only in Indonesia but also at the international level.

 Sihar Sitorus

Although better known as a politician and entrepreneur, Sihar Sitorus also has a strong background in supporting the creative industries in North Sumatra, including Tapanuli. His family has close ties to Tapanuli, and he has used his position to promote regional culture and arts, including supporting local talent in the fields of music and performing arts.

5 Selebriti Asal Tapanuli: Raja Giannuca

Information about King Giannuca is perhaps less widely known. In the context of famous celebrities from Tapanuli, there could be errors or mixed up information. However, Tapanuli is often known as a place that produces many talents in various fields, including arts and sports.

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 Maudy Ayunda

Maudy Ayunda, although not specifically from Tapanuli, is one of Indonesia’s talented young artists whose career and education are often an inspiration. As an actress, singer and graduate of a world-renowned university, Maudy inspired many young people throughout Indonesia, including from Tapanuli, to pursue their dreams and education.

5 Selebriti Asal Tapanuli: ASincere

Tulus, a talented singer and songwriter from Indonesia, is famous for his melodious voice and deep song lyrics. Even though Tulus is not from Tapanuli, he is another example of Indonesian talent making it big in the music industry. His works, such as “Sewindu,” “Teman Hidup,” and “Gajah,” have received widespread appreciation, motivating many young musicians, including those from Tapanuli, to create music.


While some information about specific celebrities from Tapanuli may not be completely accurate or available, it cannot be denied that this region, like many other parts of Indonesia, is a source of incredible talent. From music to politics, and from art to education, individuals from Tapanuli continue to inspire and show that origins do not determine how far a person can go in achieving their dreams. Their stories remind us all of the importance of hard work, dedication and passion in achieving success.

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